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Over the last 15 years, increasing expectations have been placed on audits by the federal government.  Every year,
new rules and regulations add more levels of complexity with the objective of achieving increased accountability.  
To remain compliant and avoid complications down the road, it is more important than ever to put your audit in the
hands of experienced professionals who are focused on staying to date with the latest regulations and streamlined
audit practices. We can help your organization meet your audit requirements, with the added bonus of having peace
of  mind, knowing your audit is being carried out by thorough, responsible, knowledgeable professionals.
Jim Bennett, CPA, has provided audit services and tax form preparation to the non-profit
organizations and business community of Southeast Michigan since 1986.  Jim and his
experienced, knowledgeable staff always go the extra mile to help their clients efficiently
meet their audit requirements so that their clients can focus on doing what they do best -
helping other and providing their products and services to the community.
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“Taking care of the people who take care of our community.”
Serving non-profit
organizations and other audit
clients in Southeast
Michigan for over 20 years.